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1. Make this list go to 100 things to do before I die.

2. Travel to 10 countries.
-Currently : USA and Canada and Mexico

3. See Taj Mahal in India

4. Tour the Grand Canyon

5. Kiss atop the Eiffel Tower in France.

6. See Niagara Falls.

7. Enter an ancient Pyramid in Egypt.

8. Learn a new language.

9. Touch down on all 7 continents (for this, I’ll include airports)
-Currently : North America

10. Sing Karaoke in front of a crowd enthusiastically.

11. Speak with an accent for an entire day… for the fun of it.

12. Ride an elephant.

13. Dance in the rain.

14. Learn to ballroom dance.

15. See a solar or lunar eclipse.

16. Scream as loud as I can atop a mountain after climbing it.

17. Write a Thank-You letter to someone for no other reason but something day-to-day they did for me.

18. Lay on the grass one clear night and watch the stars (far, far away from the city)

19. Ride a roller coaster until I puke.

20. Get married.

21. Make a time capsule.

22. Send a message in a bottle into the water.

23. Have a religious debate with a minister.

24. Make an impact on someones life.

25. Learn to play the piano or guitar. I am leaning more towards the guitar.

26. Have a daughter. (Or son, but tbh, would prefer a girl, heh)

27. Take a spur of the moment road trip (that crosses at least one provincial border)

28. Photograph endangered species up close.

29. Forgive my father.

30. Fly a plane.

31. Write a letter to Reba McEntire to thank her for calling my grandma shortly before she passed away in 1997 (My grandma was a HUGE fan)

32. Overcome fears of failing.

33. Kiss the Blarney Stone.

34. Map out my family tree.

35. Live to see my great grandchildren.

36. Have a poem published.

37. Become fluent in singing the ABC’s backwards.

38. Visit an active volcano.

39. Get in shape and feel better about myself.

40. Take a photography course and get good at it.

41. Spend a day in bed.

42. Meet my younger brother.

43. Be in the newspapers.

44. Write a children’s book.

45. Get another tattoo.

46. Give blood.

47. Get my full drivers license.

48. Adopt a pet from the animal shelter.

49. Dip my toes into the Nile.

50. Register to be an organ donor upon death.

51. Own a plant that I can keep alive for more than a few months.

52. Buy a house.

53. Renovate said-house to exactly how I want it.

54. Express myself at those more difficult moments when I can’t find the words.

…. To be continued.


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