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i must admit, i am not a fan of lady gaga but after hearing about her list of dressing room demands i have decided to make my own.

you know, in case i ever get to be rich and famous and get to demand stuff. (oh wait, i already do that!)

1. my own personal barista. starbucks trained, please!

2. a jacuzzi with LOTS of bubble solution poured in and the jets left on for a long time (but the water still hot!)

3. my kitties. i couldn’t travel without them if i could afford to take them with me!

4. i suppose my boyfriend too. if i must.

5. grapes and blueberries. tons of each.

6. a tv with any season i haven’t watched yet, but want to watch.

7. water. and a bajillion crystal light packages. peach iced tea, please and thank you!

8. chicken teriyaki stir fry, with more broccoli than anything else.

9. jensen ackles, gift wrapped please. (note : chris carrabba is acceptable, so long as he was given a hair cut before delivery)

10. calorie-free chocolate (if i was rich, i would fund research into making such a thing!)

11. either belinnis or pina coladas. or hell, why not both!

12. masseuse. or jensen ackles / chris carrabba trained as a masseuse would work even better!

13. tulips and daisies. in peach, white and light blue.

14. orange tictacs.

15. access to facebook (does that make me a loser?)

16. lots and lots and lots of cozy, soft, fuzzy pillows and blankets.


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